Supporting our Local NHS Mental Health Services

In our very short life, we have tried to make as much of an impact as we can. ​

Our fundraising team have recently been on a tour around various sites to contact the mental health sites in our county.​ We have funded several small objects in these sites to try and both build a relationship and to help our new charity grow. ​ All items that we have funded will directly benefits our patients in the community.


Willow Ward

We purchased a DVD player for the patients at Willow Ward in Bridgwater. The ward do a movie night every Friday, so we were happy to fund this vital bit of equipment.​

CAMHS (Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services) in Taunton

We also purchased a coffee machine for the CAMHS (Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services) team in Taunton. ​The parents of patients are often sat in the waiting room for an hour or more, without access to a hot drink. ​We funded the machine in the hope the parents/ guardians enjoy their time a little bit more. ​


We purchased two copies of Helping Autistic Teens to Manage their Anxiety: Strategies and Worksheets using CBT, DBT and ACT skills for the CAMHS team at Balidon centre. These text books will aid CAMHS East  to continue to support the accessibility and effectiveness of mental health interventions for autistic individuals.

Magnolia Day Centre and Rowan Ward

We purchased two Google nest hubs; one for Magnolia Day Centre who run a therapeutic and education group which is primarily for older persons with dementia but also for older adults with mild to moderate depression and anxiety; and one for Rowan ward who provide assessment and treatment  primarily for adults of working age who are experiencing an acute mental health problem.



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